March 4, 2013

Quick Random Photo Post

Since we're right between the end of one fiscal year and the beginning of the next, tax season, end of school, etc. I've been rather busy. I haven't had much of a chance to go anywhere or do anything. I'm hoping to head out to Kyoto at the beginning of April to see the Miyako Odori, and I'll be sure to post it if I do, but other than that I have nothing going on.

So, rather than just leave this blog with no updates, I thought I'd do a quick photo dump of things I've seen or like recently.

#1 Starbucks during Cherry Blossom season

I am crazy about the Sakura Chiffon Cake that Starbucks puts out every year around this time. It's delicious! They used to marble the cake, and have white and pink marbled chiffon with salted cherry paste blossoms, but this year it's a uniform pink. The taste is still the same. It's got a cherry flavor and on top you get a salted cherry blossom. 

This is the cake from last year...and my pj pants. lol

They also do cute cups.

#2 Graduations equal Furisode

We're now getting into graduation season. This means more furisode and hakama! The best time is usually Seijinshiki (Coming of Age ceremony), but this year it snowed in Tokyo, so many people either didn't wear furisode, or stayed indoors as much as possible. I only saw one or two girls running off with their sleeves trailing behind them, leaving me no time to snap a photo.

#3 Dean & Deluca - Shinjuku Store

I don't often go to places like Dean & Deluca because they are overpriced (in my opinon) when it comes to groceries. But, lately some of their pastries are comparable in price with other shops, so I've been popping in every once in a while to grab a quick breakfast. I love their latte art. =)  

#4 Personalized Messages on Coffee Cups

Lately I find that the odd time I buy a cup of coffee from Tully's or Starbucks, I get a message written on it. This is super cute, makes my day, and I'm always excited to see if I get one. Mind you, when I see other people getting them and my cup sleeve is blank, I have major message envy. =P

If people are interested, I'll try and update with photos more often, instead of waiting until I have something interesting to talk about. =P


  1. Hi,
    I've just discovered this blog and I'll come more times to practice my English :)

    I leave you my blog :)

  2. I haven't been to a Starbucks in so long, I had no idea they have cute sakura cups!!
    I just subbed so I would love to see more photos, even though I live in Tokyo myself haha