November 4, 2011

Prepare to burst!

Yours truly is heading on down to the 2011 Tokyo Ramen Show! I don't think I've ever documented my love of ramen on the blog before, so now you get to hear about it in detail. I'll be going this weekend and I've already got a list of ramen I can't wait to try!

1) 潤×東横×なおじ~新潟麺魂伝承会~
I read over at Ramen Adventures that the ginger is quite strong in this one, but that's fine because I LOVE ginger. Vay, vay excited.

2) 次郎長 × 大心 × えん楽
I'm a fan of shio ramen. My first love will always be miso, but shio comes in second place. A traditional looking shio ramen is just what I'm craving in shoyu-overload Tokyo.

3) 麺屋こうじグループ
I'm curious about all the toppings and the chicken stock base. Not too impressed that the toppings are sold separately, because I believe those wontons will be pricey.

4) 秋田成ト会
A lot of talk about using 100% special ingredients only. Wondering if those fancy ingredients taste any different from those of the three ramen places on my street. Yes, three ramen shops on my street. I do indeed live in paradise. They do fresh, handmade gyoza, too. I like to twist the knife a little. =P

5) 五福星
If it's good enough for ANA first class, it's good enough for me! And I support a Tohoku ramen shop! I'd support the "Fukushima Syndicate" ramen shops as well, if their entry looked better.

6) 鳥取牛骨ラーメン応麺団
I've never had ramen made from beef bones rather than pork. Plus any extra コラーゲン to make my skin look younger would be an added bonus.

We'll see if my eyes are bigger than my stomach! Going with friends ensures that between us we can sample pretty much all of them.

The full list of collaborations for this year is available on the Tokyo Ramen Show's website here. Japanese only, but you can see the pictures of all the ramen. Some look a little cruel jokes at Tohoku's expense intended.

Will be posting pictures and reviews next Monday!


  1. All the ramen look impressive, but I won't know until I taste them! Here's hoping they're all as good as they look!

  2. Your post just made me super hungry... and it's a bit torturous, because there's nothing here to eat. Can't wait to see the pics.