November 14, 2011

I'm Not Cool

This was originally posted on Tokyo Night's Typepad account. I was unable to import my whole blog, so periodically I will add old posts here as "filler" for when I"m busy. This post first appeared on June 9th, 2009.

I'm not cool.

I know this. Whenever I try to act cool, I fall on my face, or get too excited when talking and spit on myself (or the unfortunate person standing near me). I gesture with my hands when I talk, and send glasses of wine flying into the laps of my table companions, or even into their handbags!

Yes, I'm not cool.

Usually I'm fine with that. Who needs to be cool? I'd rather be intelligent, or funny, or any other admirable characteristic.

But I wish to GOD I had been cool on Saturday.

I was out with my friend E at a great vegetarian place in Azabu called Eat More Greens, dipping into the fantastic hummus, when I saw this tall man walking with another man and a woman. They were coming closer to our table and I noticed he looked familiar to me.

Who was it?

Could it be?


It was Matsuda Shota. The gorgeous Matsuda Shota I'm always raving about. The reason I put up with a whole season of Jotei (crap hostess drama) on Television just so I could watch him in it. Matsuda Shota walking by when I'm shoveling my face full of hummus like a greedy pig.

What would a cool person do?

I have no idea, because I was so excited to tell E what I was seeing that I choked on my hummus and made a right spectacle of myself.

I'm not cool.


  1. Wow, you were so lucky. I wish you could have said something to him and tell us what was it.

  2. Me,too.=( The first time I see a celebrity (and one I really like) and my mouth is full. My luck. lol I also saw Ken Watanabe shopping at UNIQLO, but he left with his family before I managed to push my way through all the shoppers.